Signs Of The Wild

A Wildlife Tracking Simulation

What is a tracking simulation?

Signs of the Wild is set and filmed in the Greater Kruger National Park. A wild and completely natural ecosystem in South Africa. It documents Renias Mhlongo and his small team of tracking experts. Their mission is to follow and find some of Africa’s most iconic animals. Tracking lions, leopards and rhinos in this environment is demanding. It draws on a complimentary mix of skills. Focus, discipline, creativity, staying open to opportunity and constant learning are the key. So too is raising up a strong and confident next generation of trackers.

A unique form of interactive learning

Small tracking teams form in the room and you set off on an audio visual expedition. You become immersed in the complex task of tracking and finding your goal. You are an active participant, you become the tracker. Your goal is to find leopard, lion and rhino on foot, in one of Africa’s great wild places. Guided by expert facilitation and the interactive documentary, you make the decisions. You weigh up the risks and you live with the consequences. Finding the animal is in your hands.

Lasting lessons for your organisation

Success depends on knowing the animal and understanding your environment. Staying alert, adapting to change, managing risks and solving problems is vital. Business success depends on these things too. Use these lessons to help your business grow and deal with change and uncertainty. Allow the ancient art of wildlife tracking to develop and inspire your leaders.

A virtual learning adventure

The simulation is flexible. It allows for co-design and customisation. It can stand alone or support other elements of your existing programme. It is easily adapted to suit your time and learning requirements.

  • See the world through the eyes and ears of an elite, world class animal tracking team.
  • Ignite your next meeting, conference or leadership programme with this unique leadership content.
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