Relationships and the Power of Diversity in the Workplace

With humour, sensitivity and humility, Alex and Renias demolish the walls that isolate each one of us. They tell their story of a path to profound mutual understanding. Their story is a tale of contrasts: white and black; man and boy; apartheid and unity; third world and first world. Alex uses the real life story of his life as a game ranger at Londolozi Private Game Reserve and his relationship with tracker Renias Mhlongo to convey transformational wisdom and insights.

Alex and Renias demonstrate how to break down cultural barriers utterly in the work place and foster generosity of spirit among people. It is not a methodology they offer but rather an ability to inspire the audience and open their minds to their potential as individuals and as a team.

Audio visual presentation       Duration: 50 minutes

The motivational presentation culminates with a few insightful and extremely entertaining stories told by Renias in his mother tongue, Shangaan, which Alex translates for the audience.

This inspirational presentation has direct relevance for both South African as well as international audiences. The duo have presented in South Africa, America, Brazil, Chile, England and Australia.

Dear Alex,

Your experience and expertise is quite phenomenal and to have had you and Renias share thoughts on the power of relationships as embodied in your experience is wonderful. Most certainly we will see them in a whole new light hereafter.

Mark PerrettHilton College, KZN
Alex And Renias Motivational Speakers Presenting Talk Australia
Renias Mhlongo Motivational Speaker Presenting

Presentation Details

Presentation highlights: four true stories

  • Renias saves Alex from Leopard attack
  • Alex visits Renias’s village, Dixie
  • Renias travels to England – his first trip from the bush
  • The poacher

You will gain the following from the presentation:

  • How to build trust in difficult circumstances
  • How to create an environment conducive to mutual understanding
  • How to get to know your colleague from another culture
  • How strong culture creates big benefits
  • How to leverage the power of language
  • How to realise the power of diversity in the workplace

Dear Alex

The recent Massbuild Annual Conference in September which you and your colleague, Renias Mhlongo attended as part of the proceedings. The 330 attendees who were present for the conference were introduced to your unique storytelling approach and we have only had positive feedback. Below are a couple of compliments received;

“I wasn’t enthralled with the story, it was so interesting that I forgot that I was listening to some parts of the story that were not even in English!”

“I feel highly motivated and positive after listening to Alex and Renias.”

“What a great storyteller! I would never have thought I could find a story so interesting!”

Elzette van NiekerkMassbuild

Alex and Renias’s Audiences Include