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10 Ways to Create Diversity & Transformation in the Workplace

By Renias Mhlongo | Translated by Alex van den Heever Renias Mhlongo was born in what is today the greater Kruger National Park. As a young boy Renias was responsible for 17 head of cattle; protecting them from lions, hyaenas and leopards…
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Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo Launch Cultural Diversity Presentation

The two speakers from very different backgrounds have come together to share their motivational talk, "The Power of Relationships," reports www.motivationalspeaker.co.za FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Johannesburg, S.A.)--Though the system of Apartheid…
Alex and Renias
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Dissolving my racial prejudice

The question of racism is a big one in South Africa at this time. It gets wide ulturaloverage in the news when a Durban estate agent says something disparaging about the people on the beach-front, or two Cape Town motorists fight it out over…