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Changing A Leopard’s Spots

World-renowned wildlife trackers Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo have spent more than two decades working together, tracking leopards and lions at Londolozi, jaguars in South America and grizzly bears in the United States.

In Changing a Leopard’s Spots, Alex shares stories from his life with Renias, including the successes, failures, dramas, laughter, disappointments and highlights. As they experience numerous adventures, Alex and Renias learn to trust and rely on one another – both in order to stay alive, in a literal sense because of the sometimes dangerous environments in which they work, but also to develop a deep and meaningful relationship.

By challenging each other and learning from one another they break down social, cultural, racial and personal boundaries and obstacles that often divide South Africans; and in the process, the two men forge an unbreakable bond.

‘Entertaining and inspirational, a field guide to life.’ – TONY PARK, bestselling author

“Compelling and unputdownable! This book goes beyond wildlife to life, love, trust and community” – SELLO HATANG, Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation

“This is a fantastic, fast-paced adventure and a story of brotherhood between a white boy and a tracker, a story of deep appreciation of African culture and wildlife” – GG ALCOCK, bestselling author.

Changing A Leopard's Spots Book

Tracker Manual

The Tracker Manual Book Alex Van Den Heever Renias Mhlongo Karel Benadie

In 2017 Alex and Renias co-authored (together with Karel Benadie) the bestselling Tracker Manual published by Struik Nature. This practical guide to animal tracking is a one-of-its-kind manual, based on information collected whilst training professional wildlife trackers in Southern Africa. It presents obvious as well as subtle animal sign imagery for some 160 species to give a comprehensive picture of recent – and not-so-recent – traffic through the bush. Simple, bulleted text guides readers through the key points and teaches the broad-based observational skills required to detect and interpret messages; multiple photographs, some annotated, along with accurate track drawings for all the animals, offer a clear visual guide too. Rich in detail, accurate, and with an instructive introduction, this guide to the region’s animal tracks and signs is every tracker’s go-to manual.

A must have for a South Africa trip. I learned some basic sign and tracking at Karongwe Reserve. Wish I had this book with me to really grasp and reinforce their instruction – Arnold Kalan

This is a great book with a lot of detail & very nice colour photos. Highly recommend it!!! Anonymous